To date, Forrest has spoken to thousands of students on college campuses.  His inspirational talks are hugely popular. Below is a sampling of responses that he has received.

“Forrest is an inspiring speaker! I learned so much about the prospects for peace from him. He really made everyone think and laugh!” – Don K.

“Forrest was inspiring and engaging. He taught me so much about hippie culture. But most importantly, he taught us to always be peaceful and look within for the answers to life.” – Kristen N.

I give Forrest five stars on the talk. He was awesome!” – Mike B.

“Forrest’s talk was refreshingly honest. I never felt like he was putting on a show. His speech was presented in a simple and direct way. I wish more speakers were like that!” – Greg P.

“In these times of moral decay, we need more speakers like Forrest! His words of peace, love and compassion are very much needed today!” – Nicole M.

I learned that hippies aren’t just about drugs, sex and rock & roll. The hippie counterculture is a spiritual movement at its core. Forrest is a passionate spokesperson for their inspiring message.” – Sarah H.

“Bravo Forrest, on a job nicely done! Everyone in the audience was genuinely engaged by Forrest’s talk. I can’t wait to go home and tell my friends and family about it!” – Tommy C.

“Awesome talk, Forrest! Really inspiring!” – Robert S.

“I’ve listened to quite a few speeches in my life…but nothing quite like this. Not only was Forrest’s message about peace inspiring, but he had us all laughing as well! Everyone in the audience left feeling relaxed and inspired.” – Heather O.

“Forrest’s talk was amazing! Not much more can be said. Well done sir!” – Ben J.

Photo: johnmaclean.com