Mindful Musings: Feb 15

“None are by Accident”

By Forrest Rivers

silhouette of mountain under cloudy sky during daytime

The mountains and forests

The Sunrise and Sunset

The lakes, rivers and oceans

None are by accident

The plants and animals

The deserts and plains

The rain, lightning and fire

None are by accident

The Sun and the Moon

The planets and the stars

The galaxies and the Cosmos

None are by accident

Awareness, Presence and Light

Each are the spirit of the Eternal

Merging with the wisdom of form

Nothing in this Universe is by accident.

Forrest Rivers is a writer and teacher who lives in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. His new book, COVID-19 and Humanity’s Spiritual Awakening is now available on Amazon HERE.

Mindful Musings

KARMA, OUR GREAT TEACHER: We cannot hide from our own karma

Forrest Rivers

Karma has a funny way of catching back up with us. Sometimes, its response is immediate. Examples of instant karma include the carjacker who crashes a stolen car, leading to his arrest, or the selfless working person who wins a lottery ticket just moments after giving away his last dollar.

However, for most of us, karma is not delivered in such a swift and dramatic fashion. Rather, it usually takes days, weeks, months, decades and even lifetimes to manifest completely. When karma finally does emerge, its presence can be quite painful, and seemingly unbearable.

In short, one cannot run from their own karma! It is the direct reflection of our thoughts, intentions and actions, put out to the Universe in vibrational form.

While we cannot hide from our own karma, we can all learn to become more mindful of the cosmic interplay between it and the impact that our thoughts, intentions and actions may have on the world around us.

Something else that we can all practice is to not lament or resist our karmic events as they occur. The unpleasant experiences that we endure, because of our karma, only become more extreme when we fight against what is.

The best thing we can all do is practice acceptance, when we find ourselves caught in a karmic sequence of events. This allows us to become both a conscious witness and a knowing participant in the encounter. And, in turn, we can engage karma the way it is intended: to learn from it and grow.

We cannot hide from karma

Karmic events provide us with invaluable opportunities for personal transformation and growth. They can teach us a great deal about those things that are established qualities of our earthly existence. The more uplifting qualities include compassion, acceptance, forgiveness and love. Some of the darker qualities include anger, fear, jealousy and hate.

What makes karma such an outstanding teacher? Karma instructs us by reflecting our own vibrations of thoughts, intentions and actions back onto us. Only the Universe could devise a scheme so ingenious as to make us all co-directors in the unfolding of our own cosmic screenplays. We all have the choice to reorient our behaviors and reactions, in response to our karmic predicaments.

Unfortunately, in Western culture, karma is not always esteemed as the great and venerable teacher that it truly is. If it were, then our society would not cast such a selfish and misguided vision onto the world. We would understand that our actions have consequences, and that what we put out, we receive back.

The plundering of Mother Earth, senseless wars of aggression and the stubborn pervasiveness of greed, centered on the almighty dollar, would all end. A people mindful of karmic law would heed the wise words of the “Golden Rule,” which famously states: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Deep down, what each of us badly yearns for is to know and experience love. So, let us spread positive karma by treating the Earth and all her beings (including our fellow humans) with peace, respect and affection. If we each make the conscious choice to be mindful of our own karma, it will not be long before it positively comes back around tenfold!

Mindful Musings

“Here and Now”
Formless and empty - Morning Devotional
These forms
These bodies
Nothing more
Then star dust
So much revealed
Through this world of forms
About our own awareness
And intentions
But take a step
Beyond this world of forms
Into a state
As pure and empty
As the day you were born….
Without a care
For how others perceived you
And not yet aware
That life is a journey
To be traveled
With spirit and courage
You truly are nothing more
Then that new born
Free of words
Dwelling in a timeless space
Dancing in the clouds
To arrive: