Mindful Musings: Mar 15

“And So, It Goes”

By: Forrest Rivers

One day a great sage approached a beggar on the city street and asked:

“Please, kind sir, tell me what you have learned?”

The beggar eyed the strange man dressed in a monk’s red robe

And quietly replied:

“We are born, we suffer, we find meaning in our suffering, we die and then are reborn.”

A knowing smile broke out across the sage’s face as he bowed to the beggar and said:

“And so, it goes wise one. And so, it goes. “

Mindful Musings: Jan 19

“A Faithful Remembrance”

By: Forrest Rivers

closeup photography of woman wearing floral skirt holding red gas lantern at brown grass field

Child of the night

I hear your cries

I hear your screams

And I feel your suffering

But keep your heart open

And head up wise one

For the incantations that you chant

Faithfully to yourself

Shall be answered one-hundred fold….

Always remember

Just like the seasons

You have danced this dance

And sung your soul’s heavenly chorus


Melancholy nights

Can not deter your spirit

From journeying to the light

That illuminates the divine within all.

Mindful Musings: Dec 27

“Fearless Faith”

By: Forrest Rivers

waterfalls surrounded with green-leafed trees during daytime

The pain we feel

Is like rain cascading down

The rugged cliffs of life

So be present and stay faithful

For every drop of water

That collects in the mystical pool below

Marks the start of a new and glorious journey

Of water becoming a fresh reflection

Of its eternal self….

YOU are that sacred water

Flowing over the ancient cliffs

Fearless and with your heart wide open

To embrace today.