Mindful Musings: Apr 13

“Form Transcended”

selective focus photography of green grass

The blunt blade of logic

Can not hide

The underlying reality

That lives in the space

Of each passing moment….

Nor can the alarming currents greed

Muddy the clear waters of meditation

True spirit cannot be extinguished

By those who remain steadfast

In their devotion…..

And true spirit cannot be corrupted

By the passing side show of separation

Great beings with love and compassion

Are here to guide us amidst the storm

Of Ego’s pride.

Mindful Musings: Mar 10


By: Forrest Rivers

gold and red hindu deity figurine

The indescribable unity

Intricate beads of awareness

The bliss of an intertwined Cosmos

Brimming with the wisdom

Of all the sages

Throughout eternity

Stopping at nothing

To give us the gift

Of blessings on the path

To wholeness and peace…..

Like the Sun’s rays

Nourishing souls

An offering

It’s selfless essence

And guiding light

Opens hearts

To the pinnacle of truth

On this epic journey….

Bridging worlds

Between the form and formless

Beyond the mind

Beyond the thoughts


Stands Lord Ganesh

Removal of all obstacles

Shepherding us to that place

Where Brahman reigns supreme

Awaiting our coming

To this moment

When we remember

Who we were before we were born

In these bodies

To dance and rejoice

With the Beloved once again.