Mindful Musings: Feb 11

“Love is the Purpose of Life: A vision on DMT”

pink heart multicolored

I will never forget a vision I had many years ago while on my first trip on DMT, a highly profound and soulful psychedelic originally dubbed the “spirit molecule,” by Dr. Raymond Moody.  The following vision is adapted from my first book: The Hippie Revival and Collected writings.

          The vision:

I arrived at a place where I saw one large ring of people standing in puffy white clouds. The people were all smiling, laughing and embracing one another. At first, I couldn’t make out their faces. But I felt as though I knew each person. As I walked over toward the ring, I began to make out the faces. I saw immediate family, current friends and my beloved dog Abbie. I also saw three ex-partners and my two closest friends from college. Going back further in time, I was astonished to find that my friends from high school and childhood were there as well. 

 Remarkably, the ring also included people with whom I had falling outs with. For example, an ex-girlfriend stood in the ring smiling. Same with my best friend from high school. I remember that friend standing in the middle of the ring and extending his hand out to mine when I approached him. We then pulled each other in close for a hug. I took my place in the ring and we all held hands and began to spin together in a circle. This was a dance of peace and harmony. The scene rushed over me with such positive vibrations that I felt waves of tears streaming down my face. 

When I came out of this vision, I began to piece together the deeper meaning of this experience. I came to a simple interpretation: love is the purpose of life. We are here to perfect its expression in human form. From this vision, I also gathered that love is unconditional. It doesn’t acknowledge tensions between close friends or loved ones.  Rather, if a person touched your heart at any point in time, love will always prevail.  Love is eternal, as it transcends both time and space.

It also became clear that love knows nothing of separateness. Only of oneness. I thought of how the former emanates from the ego and the latter from the depths of the soul. I also pondered the likelihood that separateness arises from the ego’s tendency to judge, label, and assign arbitrary values to being. This, I also concluded, was the opposite case with our souls.  True spirit sees all creation as one whole.

Forrest Rivers is a writer and teacher who lives in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. His new book, COVID-19 and Humanity’s Spiritual Awakening is now available on Amazon HERE.

Mindful Musings: Jan 4

“The Fruits of the Gods: A Short Story”

By: Forrest Rivers

round red fruit during daytime

One Sunday a kind priest was delivering his weekly sermon when suddenly a wise and gentle voice from within him spoke:

“Take them outside and down the walking trail behind the church.”

 The bewildered priest paused for a long moment to silently acknowledge the voice. He then signaled an end to the sermon by waving his left hand and saying:

“My beloved brothers and sisters, please follow me outside and down the walking trail behind the church.”

The priest then led his confused but faithful flock outside the church and down the walking trial just as the mysterious voice had instructed.

The group then stepped onto the path and immediately into a lush green jungle of glorious rhododendron and mountain laurel trees. The priest then heard the strange but comforting voice again. This time it said:

“Have them eat the fruit on the sacred tree. But be sure to first bow and give thanks.”

Now twice baffled, the priest froze in his tracks and then took a few timid steps forward and stared in amazement at what was right in front of him. The most beautiful tree he had ever seen stood there in all its glory. The tree was very tall and its great limbs seemed to reach out with exquisite wonder. The priest had never felt the presence of a tree like this one before. It appeared otherworldly. He then noticed that many small fruits hung from the lower branches of this timeless being. The fruits were each about the size of a crab apple and had a pleasant aroma. The priest then turned to face his thirty-person flock and said:

“Come my faithful companions, let us eat the fruits on this tree. But be sure to bow and give thanks before eating.”

The priest then ate the first fruit to ease everyone’s discomfort in consuming an unknown food in the wild. Soon, everyone followed suit. Some ate one piece of fruit. Others ate two pieces. After the band of wanderers finished eating the sweet and delicious fruits they continued down the path through the enchanted forest. After a mile (about 1.6 kilometers) of walking, the priest heard the same voice within for the third time. This time it said:

“Stop walking for a moment and embrace the ecstatic visions of creation. The fruits of the Gods shall now speak.”

Once again, the priest quietly acknowledged the voice and then turned to face his followers once more. What he saw at that moment instantly brought tears to his eyes. An aura of dazzling white light circled his flock and the limbs on the trees surrounding him expressively extended their branches as if to say, “We are conscious and brimming with the spirit of oneness.”

For the first time in his life the priest became aware of how fully alive the earth was and how pure her essence. The priest then bent down on the ground to examine a bizarre but gorgeous red mushroom. On close inspection, he was astounded to find mysterious hieroglyphic like symbols encrypted on it. The symbols seemed to him to be a secret language that conveyed a supreme cosmic wisdom that transcended the limits of his rational mind. The priest then stared adoringly back at his followers who were now embracing one another in the same dazzling white light. The priest’s heart overfilled with such overwhelming love for his brethren that he had to lie down on the ground to center himself.

After a few moments, the priest got back to his feet only to find a majestic doe standing only a few meters from him. The two beings locked eyes in a moment of divine recognition and the priest then bowed to the beautiful animal. To his amazement, the doe bowed her head back to him. A second and third exchange of bows then followed before the priest dropped to his knees and bowed one final time. Remarkably, the doe bent down as low as she could go almost like a curt seat and bowed before running back off into the forest. Overcome with awe, tears streamed down the priest’s face as he felt certain that he had just had a direct encounter with the Creator itself.

The priest quickly got back to his feet once more and ran over to his flock and began joyously embracing each of them. In turn, everyone (who by then were experiencing the psychedelic fruit’s power to shift consciousness and reveal the spirit behind forms)began hugging one another with great love and affection. Then in a moment of telepathic communication the priest and his followers began stomping their feet and chanting the following mantra:

            “Mother Earth, Great Spirit, your power is wise, your power is divine, let us serve you.”

As they chanted, the earth began to tremble beneath their feet, golden eagles began to circle overhead, a rare pack of black wolves emerged from the shadows and the bowing deer from earlier nestled in close to the band of seekers to share in the delight of Mother Nature’s mystical power to invoke a direct and true religious experience.

                           The Fruits of the Gods had spoken.