“Dying into Life”

gold bell hanging on brown wooden wall

Birth dies into life

Death gives birth again

In an endless cycle

For you to find

Your Buddha nature….


Like the winds of change

Yet, there is something

That still remains

Underlying our true essence….


Like a full moon rising

And all knowing

Like eagles soaring

It is the spring lotus

Of awareness blooming…

Try to grasp it

And it slips away

Try to name it

And it defies you

This inner witness cannot be tamed

By your mind’s deceptive tricks

Of narrow conceptions….

When the fear of dying falls away

What is there left to say?

Birth and death are the same.

Mindful Musings: Mar 15

“And So, It Goes”

By: Forrest Rivers

One day a great sage approached a beggar on the city street and asked:

“Please, kind sir, tell me what you have learned?”

The beggar eyed the strange man dressed in a monk’s red robe

And quietly replied:

“We are born, we suffer, we find meaning in our suffering, we die and then are reborn.”

A knowing smile broke out across the sage’s face as he bowed to the beggar and said:

“And so, it goes wise one. And so, it goes. “

Mindful Musings: Feb 1

“Deathless Spirit”

By: Forrest Rivers

flowing water of river in between of trees

The Great transformation that we all must face is the passage from form into the formless. Inevitably, our bodies will decay and then death will be waiting at our front door. There is no escaping death. And there is no stopping the cosmic wheel that turns to decide the time and manner of your passing. So, the best thing that you can do for your own spiritual evolution and peace of mind is to begin preparing for this ultimate of all transitions and to let go of your fear of what lies beyond the void. Come to know your true self as a soul who has danced this dance between the form and the formless through an infinite number of incarnations. And come to also know that who you really are is a deathless spirit returning to the source of eternal love and oneness. For the essence that is you survives death as faithfully as the bountiful Earth that gives and sustains all life. There is nothing to fear in death. And though appearing to be final, it is not. Death is taking off the tight shoe and journeying to a realm even more real and alive than this one. Vivekananda, a great sage once said:

“Light comes gently, slowly, but surely it comes.”

This sage’s wise words are as true in death as in life. We are not just our bodies, but pure spirit transcending the limits of our material existence.

Forrest Rivers is a writer and teacher who lives in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. His new book, COVID-19 and Humanity’s Spiritual Awakening is now available on Amazon Here