Mindful Musings: Jan 19

“A Faithful Remembrance”

By: Forrest Rivers

closeup photography of woman wearing floral skirt holding red gas lantern at brown grass field

Child of the night

I hear your cries

I hear your screams

And I feel your suffering

But keep your heart open

And head up wise one

For the incantations that you chant

Faithfully to yourself

Shall be answered one-hundred fold….

Always remember

Just like the seasons

You have danced this dance

And sung your soul’s heavenly chorus


Melancholy nights

Can not deter your spirit

From journeying to the light

That illuminates the divine within all.

Mindful Musings: Jan 14

“Believe in yourself”

By: Forrest Rivers

brown trees beside river during daytime

Believe in yourself

And never doubt

 The tides that pull you out

And back to shore again….

 You are simply divine

A miracle

And a strand of cosmic awareness

Blowing in the wind

To enchant all

Who are blessed to cross your path….

So, always remember your self-worth

And reach for the stars

For your hopes and dreams

Will surely come true.

Mindful Musings: Jan 13

“Divine Messengers”

By: Forrest Rivers

grayscale photo of two bird flying above glacier mountain

Running through

Snow caped peaks

Picking up speed

With the cool air

On my back

And no worries

But this moment….

The freedom to be

Is enough for me

In this space, I see

When the horizon

Comes into focus….

Running faster

I move,

 As golden wings appear

 And I lift off

 High above the mountains….

Soaring through

 The great open sky

 This love I find

 With wise eagles approaching….

 “Follow me,

These teachers say

 Into the realms of higher knowing

 To where we all are going,”

Nothing is impossible

When you keep the faith

True wisdom is our gate

Into a world

Where we all are soaring

As messengers of God’s glory.

Mindful Musings: Jan 5

“Divine Flashes”

By: Forrest Rivers

red and blue illustration

Divine flashes as to how it all is

Permeates one’s soul

Like a soothing mountain stream

But unbeknown

To the seeker of truth

is an absolute necessity

To transcend seeing the world

In all of its dualities


The noble aspirant will find:

Their mind is like a carousel

Spinning round and round

Without a conscious thought

Or right intention….

The path to inner wisdom

Say the sages,

Crosses both the falsehoods

And realizations

That delivers one beyond the wheel

Of birth and death

Go beyond birth and death

And push past the illusion

That you are this body

And nothing more….

For just as the hallowed rivers

Empty into and become the ocean

So, will your soul empty into and become

The deathless self


We all become the deathless self!