“The Heart Jewel”

pink lotus flower in bloom

In the lotus of the heart

There is a jewel

That is so precious and so rare

That not even the most seasoned gem hunter

Could find it….

Not of this world

But yet in it

This jewel vibrates to the beat of love

Like noble saints marching

To and From their temples

To serve all beings with boundless compassion….

This pure jewel

Living in your heart center

Can always be heard

Chanting it’s eternal song:


Mindful Musings: Feb 14

“Mystic Forest”

By: Forrest Rivers

narrow pathway near tress

Divine forest

Goddess of incomparable wisdom

Your spirit is strong

like the roots of your ancient trees

Whispering into the wind

To the one with many names

Who is unimaginable in all her glory

Beyond all conceptions and reason….

If you should be so lucky

To saunter through her earthy kingdom

Bow and honor your Mother with these words:

“The glorious truth of beauty shines within you.”

Forrest Rivers is a writer and teacher who lives in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. His new book, COVID-19 and Humanity’s Spiritual Awakening is now available on Amazon HERE.

Mindful Musings: Feb 6

“Dreams Worth Chasing”

(An excerpt from my book COVID-19 and Humanity’s Spiritual Awakening)

Dream signage surrounded sequins

 John, a friend of mine from Colorado, shared his dreams with me on a (socially distanced) yet inspiring hike through the mountains together. In the year leading up to the pandemic, this highly talented sound engineer and music booker spent around 80 hours a week working at a music venue. While he found his work satisfying, he confided in me that the long hours and breakneck pace of booking bands six nights a week and running sound for those same acts had taken a toll on him emotionally. Like many skilled workers in the entertainment industry, John suddenly found himself unemployed when all bars and music venues were forced to shut down as COVID-19 began its rampage through the United States. But he was one of the lucky ones.

In contrast to the countless millions of frustrated and desperate laid off workers that would follow, John experienced a smooth transition to the unemployment rolls. He related to me that the time away from his job has provided him with greater balance and fulfillment in his life. It has also strengthened his relationship with his wife and filled him with more gratitude for all the positive things in his life. Most of all, his hiatus from the daily grind, has given John the courage to chase his dreams and live life to the fullest. His dream is to move off to a remote and beautiful track of land his mother owns outside of Moab, Utah. In inspiring fashion, my friend and his wife have decided that there is no better time than now to pursue their dream and take a courageous leap into the unknown!

            During this period of crisis, stories like John’s are growing with greater frequency. With far more time to spend contemplating our lives, many people are coming to the realization that now is the perfect time to finally pursue their dreams. With death staring us in the face and with the highest percentage of people out of work since the Great Depression, this moment has carved out an existential crossroads that we are all being called to navigate. Some of the questions we may be asking ourselves are as follows:

  • Once this crisis ends, do I really want to rejoin the “rat race” once more?
  • How might following a different path enrich me spiritually?
  • Is it really too late to change directions and follow my dreams?
  • How can I contribute to the uplifting of the human race?

As more of us begin asking these questions, we will inevitably come to find our answers through spirited moments of contemplation. And in these precious moments, the answers we seek will become clear as day like it has for my friend John. Despite its tragic death toll, COVID-19 has also been something of a blessing for many people who have felt “trapped” in the capitalist machine for far too long. The conditions are ripe to pour one’s time and energy into pursuits that more meaningfully serve the highest qualities of the human spirit. For other people, like my brother soul, Alex, this pandemic and the ensuing economic collapse has only confirmed for him that he wants to take decisive steps in the next year to leave his well-paying engineering job and follow his dreams of becoming a wood-worker and co-founding an off the grid peaceful community with other like-minded beings.

 In his mind, the economic system has badly failed far too many people and he would like the opportunity to show that a better way is possible. He envisions a community that serves the dual aims of providing a space fully conducive to spiritual growth while being grounded in the spirit of service. A beautiful and noble dream indeed! So beautiful and noble, in fact, that I hope to co-found this very community with him!

It is fully within our power to shift our perspective during these times from one of “doom and gloom”, to that of seeing this moment as a rare opportunity to follow our dreams through the grace of suffering. If we can manage to flip the dial of our awareness from pessimism to hope there is no limit to how far we can evolve in our consciousness and in our union with the One that has been called by many names.

Mindful Musings: Jan 7

“The Greatest Miracle: A Parable for Today”

By: Forrest Rivers

Peace neon signage

A large protest in the middle of town erupted as contending masses of people gathered. Those for and against the theme of protest quickly began engaging in a war of words as extremists on one side of the conflict began readying their home-made explosives for combat. Extremists from the other side also began loading their automatic rifles with ammunition and let out a loud and terrifying battle call. The air grew thicker with tension as women and children from both camps retreated to the rear of their respective groups in anticipation of an all-out war between the dueling partisans.

But in the final seconds just before the first explosives were thrown and the first shots were fired, a monk in a red robe suddenly appeared standing on the frontline right between the two groups. The monk sat down on the hot pavement, closed his eyes and fell into a deep meditation. Then, to everyone’s total surprise, the monk began to levitate before all gathered. After floating five feet above the ground for at least three minutes the monk then opened his eyes and said the following:

             “I believe miracles are a part of our daily existence. In fact, I predict that one will happen today and you will all bare witnesses to it!”

            In response to the levitating monk, the extremists on both sides quickly disarmed their explosives and guns and then locked arms as they formed a circle of peace around the mysterious teacher. On that fateful day, it has been said that the greatest miracle occurred.