Mindful Musings: Feb 23

“The Network”

By: Forrest Rivers

person in white shirt sitting on rock near body of water during daytime

Like the connected roots of trees

Like the cells within our bodies

Like the cycle of the seasons

And like the movement of the Cosmos

We are part of a vast and mysterious network

Where all seeming parts

And polarities

Merge back into One again…..

Seen through an untrained mind

Water is only water

Flowing by without much notice

Seen through an awakening mind

Water is sacred water

Flowing with purpose from an unnamed source

But seen through the realized mind

Water is the essence

Of everything and nothing….

One without a second

No illusion of “I” and “them”

The whole cannot be made separate

From the fruits of nature that are born….

Presence and attention

Will take you far

And deep

To what is

This experience NOW.

Forrest Rivers is a writer and teacher who lives in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. His new book, COVID-19 and Humanity’s Spiritual Awakening is now available on Amazon HERE