Mindful Musings: Jan 1


By: Forrest Rivers

The indescribable unity

Intricate beads of awareness

The bliss of an intertwined Cosmos

Brimming with the wisdom

Of all the sages

Throughout eternity

Stopping at nothing

To give us the gift

Of blessings on the path

To wholeness and peace….

Like the Sun’s rays

Nourishing souls

An offering

It’s selfless essence

And guiding light

Opens hearts

To the pinnacle of truth

On this epic journey

Bridging worlds

Between the form and formless….

Beyond the mind

Beyond the thoughts


Stands Lord Ganesha

Removal of all obstacles

Shepherding us to that place

Where Brahman reigns supreme

Awaiting our coming

To this moment

When we remember

Who we were before we were born

In these bodies

To dance and rejoice

With the Beloved once again….

In this miracle of consciousness

Heaven and earth converge

Sharing in the mysteries

Of an unfolding knowledge

A transcendent wisdom

And, an infinite stillness

The One is the many

You see,

And this drama

you believe

Is nothing more

Then the Imperishable

Discovering IT’s shining Self through you!

Mindful Musings: 12/14

low angle photography of starry night sky

“Climbing Steadily”

Stars Align

Beyond space and time

A figment of our minds

Or our Imaginations?

Living spirit resides

Within the divine

Hear it speak

Through prayer and meditation….

Who can say,

with any certainty

The plan of our creator

When the energies that collide

Are found beneath of whats created?

When we grow silent

The wind speaks softly

And truth gives birth to wisdom.