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“Sub Ek” (All One) June - Global Heart for Oneness Meditation & Invocation | Children ...
The form and the formless
The senses emerging and then withdrawing again
The breath rising and falling
The Earth’s transcendence ends where it begins
No mind but inside and outside all emotions
The union of energy and matter undefined
Without an origin before the act and nameless when it sleeps
Beyond the range of all perceptions and limits
Pure creation

You are:

Pure creation
Beyond the range of all perceptions and limits
Without an origin before the act and nameless when it sleeps
The union of energy and matter undefined
No mind but inside and outside all emotions
The Earth’s transcendence ends where it begins
The breath rising and falling
The senses emerging and then withdrawing again
The form and the formless.

Mindful Musings

“Some Thoughts on Zen”Zen Buddhism | Classification Wiki | Fandom

By: Forrest Rivers

Zen appears to have everything to do with being in tune to “What is”. It seems, that “what is” can only be understood through intuitive direct experience.  Immersed within one’s deeply personal and profound spiritual exploration, is the unspoken acknowledgement that we are all but flowing waves in an eternal ocean of being. There is no this or that…no concept of the creator or created. We are all already THAT. From the mystic’s vantage point, dualistic language is merely a conceptual tool we use to try and give expression to the clearly conscious and in graspable flow of life force energy that is at the source of everything in this universe.

True divinity, or awareness of the underlying reality, is found not though intellectual reasoning but through our own harmonic flow with the mysterious oneness that defines our essence. What Zen appears to strive for in practice, if it can even be said to strive after anything at all, is the abandonment of all rational approaches in knowing that supreme state of being. In learning to be present with “what is”, one transcends all concepts of “reality” and just knows like a wolf knows to howl, that they are a part of the indescribable and conscious whole.

Mindful Musings

LSD Guru Tim Leary Interview

“An Ode to Leary”

By: Forrest Rivers

Slow down,


Quiet your mind

And Meditate

The world is consumed

By madness….

But you don’t have to


In the senseless drama

That originates

From our worship of ego

For a wise man once said:




But turn on to what?

Tune in to who

And drop out from Where?


To living spirit

And the most high


To Mother Nature

And heed her signs


From this illusion that hides

The Unity of Creation.

                    Mountain Heaven

By: Forrest Rivers (originally published by the themindfulword.org)

Sunset at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

It was a beautiful day outside. The birds were singing, the sun was shining brightly and a cool autumn breeze swept across the countryside

I was hiking with my dear friend Jamie, back down the forested service road 316, a gorgeous trail in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains. We’d walked about six miles (about 9.6 kilometres) and were 20 minutes from my car when the Divine fully presented itself.

We’d stopped to smoke a bit of herb and to reflect on our inspiring journey. To commemorate the moment, I expressed to Jamie that I wished to recite a few prayers I’d compiled over the past week.

The collection included sacred Buddhist, Sioux Indian, Hindu, Sufi and Christian invocations to the Absolute. I opened my journal and began to read the first lines from the Buddhist-Loving Kindness selection:

“May all beings be free from danger
May all beings be free from mental suffering…”

At the exact moment I recited these lines, a pack of wolves began howling in unison with the prayer. The tone of their soulful expressions was both haunting and awesome. The hairs on our necks stood at full attention. It felt as though the wolves were inside our souls, playing their heart-stringed instruments.

Because it was nearing sunset, I immediately placed my beloved canine companion, Abbie, on leash and finished reciting the Buddhist prayer. I then listened … mesmerized. After a minute or two, the primal sounds of howling stopped.

Jamie and I glanced at one another in silent recognition of this divine moment. Chills went down our spines, as it became evident to us that the Infinite was speaking through the wolves.

What were these loyal beings trying to convey? Oneness. Unity. Stillness. Sacred Earth Connection.

As we continued our walk back down to the car, the energy of the forest felt particularly heightened and pure. Soon, the glorious sun began to set over majestic blue mountains and I knew deep within that my home was heaven on Earth.