Mindful Musings: 1/2

“A Short Message to Creative Souls Everywhere”

By: Forrest Rivers

mixed paints in a plate

The pull between one’s false and true sense of self is a defining feature of the human experience. This existential conflict is particularly magnified in the creative arts, where one’s expression can reach a wide audience. The artists, musicians, writers, and teachers must be ever watchful for the subtle but seductive trappings of the ego. Attracting followers can quickly produce the illusion that it is “you” who people are coming to view, listen to, read, or learn from. The truth is that it is the message of awakening that people are drawn to. As such, one must relate to their chosen forms of expression as conduits of God’s eternal message. However, it does require humility to arrive at this perspective. To practice it means to sacrifice your ego.

Learning to be mindful of one’s narcissistic impulses is just the beginning.  The creative soul should also make every effort to practice what they preach. For what could be more insincere than a self-righteous expressionist?  Every thought, intention, and action should reflect the divinity of the Infinite. Each swipe of the paint brush, musical note played, word written, and lesson conveyed; should reflect the same message of universal love that one finds in their own connection to creation and through all interactions with earthly beings.