Speaking Tour

The peace dialogue speaking tour is a program of three highly interactive lectures on the theme of finding inner peace in these troubled times. Forrest Rivers, a speaker and author of the books: The Hippie Revival and Collected Writings as well as COVID-19 and Humanity’s Spiritual Awakening has spent a significant portion of his adult life teaching to college students on various campuses across the country. Drawing upon his current meditation practice as well as his love of nature and formal experience teaching in the classroom; Forrest offers both students and faculty a timely message of peace that transcends all forms of religious, political, and social partisanship.  In the end, he argues that the true celebration of diversity is what we all yearn for in common. To book Forrest as a speaker at your college or organization contact him through email: forrestrivers4@gmail.com

Lecture Names and Descriptions:

Climb a Mountain: Overcoming Adversity in Nature

The healing aspects of the natural world are just becoming known to the general population. Spending time in nature for even 30 minutes a day has been proven to reduce anxiety, ease symptoms in people with various forms of depression, and improve one’s overall quality of life. However, lesser known, is the impact nature has in helping one overcome personal suffering and adversity. In “Climb a mountain,” Forrest shares through direct- personal experience, how time spent in nature has helped him transcend adversity in his own life. In this highly engaging lecture, Forrest draws heavily from his own touching moments in the wild and his many interactions with Appalachian Trail Thru-Hikers. In the end, Forrest implores his student audiences to leave hard drugs and alcohol behind and instead go into the glory of nature when confronted by life’s challenges.

For a short video description, click Climb a Mountain.

The Meditation Evolution: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose

Meditation is an ancient spiritual practice that emphasizes the attainment of self-knowledge and inner peace through mindful contemplation. Today, many westerners are just beginning to realize that meditation can aid in the problems of our contemporary fast-paced consumer-driven world. In “The Meditation Evolution”, Forrest Rivers draws from his own long-standing meditation practice to show students how meditation can improve one’s general state of well-being from each of the physical, emotional, and spiritual planes of being. However, according to Forrest, one of the most profound benefits of meditation is the clarity that it brings in revealing our life’s true purpose. After all, this existential search for meaning, after is among the greatest sources of anxiety for many young people. In the end, Forrest maintains that meditation may well be the crucial link between our own personal and collective evolution as one human race.

For a short video description, click The Meditation Evolution.

Inner Peace in Chaotic Times

The times that we find ourselves in are marked by feelings of great anxiety, uncertainty, and skepticism for our collective future. Signs abound that we have entered into “chaotic times.” The Human-caused devastation of the natural world, global pandemics(COVID-19) the deepening of global poverty, and war are all indicators that our species have strayed too far in the direction of fear and separation. Indeed, it is becoming resoundingly clear to all those willing to adopt a bird’s eye view that we have crossed the bridge into a world filled with chaos. Further widening this divide, is that in the eyes of the younger generations our dominant institutions are steadily losing moral legitimacy and authority. Accordingly, many youth are beginning to search for alternatives that better promote the values of peace and unity. Drawing on the wisdom of multiple spiritual traditions Forrest demonstrates with hopeful enthusiasm how we are all fully capable of building a more just and peaceful world. However, Forrest maintains that in order to realize this noble end goal each of us must first find our own inner peace.

For a short video description, click Inner Peace in Chaotic Times.