“One Day to Live”

white clouds

If you discovered

That you had exactly one day to live

How would you spend your final 24 hours

1,440 minutes

And 86,400 seconds

In your physical body?

Would you spend it chasing after money, power and fame?

Or, would you live it with your mind centered on God?

Would you hold on to grudges with old friends and lovers?

Or, would you finally learn to forgive and forget?

And as your final seconds ticked away…..

What would be your departing thoughts?

Would you have wished you had lived more for today?

Or, would you have no regrets for a life lived with love?

“The Balance of Life”

gold and silver round frame magnifying glass

Life is an exquisite balance

Of holding and letting go

Of taking and giving

There is nothing ever to grasp onto

When everything but the soul

Is impermanent

Coming and going

Just like the passing of the seasons….

So prepare to meet both birth and death

As well as success and failure

With the same calm detachment

And loving acceptance

Of all that is.