Mindful Musings: Apr 8

“The Perfect Moment”

rule of thirds photography of lit candle

At certain junctures in our lives, the distractions of our physical existence can ensnare us like a rabbit in a hunter’s trap. Pursuits of such worldly desires as money, power and fame may seem to fulfill you for a time…. perhaps for the better part of your lifetime. But inevitably, the day arrives when you gain a glimpse into the deeper mystery of being through an infinite number of possible avenues such as a walk-in nature, hearing a beautiful song, ingesting a sacred plant and even witnessing the birth of a new born. This glimpse into the higher reality is in fact a glimpse into God, the Tao and the One itself. In such a moment of transcendent knowing, it might appear that the illusionary barrier separating your soul from your body has finally been broken down. But in truth, there was no such barrier to begin with. For your soul, the Atman, was there all along waiting like a glorious butterfly to capture your attention at just the perfect moment for your awakening.

Forrest Rivers is a writer and teacher who lives in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. His new book, COVID-19 and Humanity’s Spiritual Awakening is now available on Amazon HERE.

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