Mindful Musings: Jan 13

“Divine Messengers”

By: Forrest Rivers

grayscale photo of two bird flying above glacier mountain

Running through

Snow caped peaks

Picking up speed

With the cool air

On my back

And no worries

But this moment….

The freedom to be

Is enough for me

In this space, I see

When the horizon

Comes into focus….

Running faster

I move,

 As golden wings appear

 And I lift off

 High above the mountains….

Soaring through

 The great open sky

 This love I find

 With wise eagles approaching….

 “Follow me,

These teachers say

 Into the realms of higher knowing

 To where we all are going,”

Nothing is impossible

When you keep the faith

True wisdom is our gate

Into a world

Where we all are soaring

As messengers of God’s glory.

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