Mindful Musings: Jan 7

“The Greatest Miracle: A Parable for Today”

By: Forrest Rivers

Peace neon signage

A large protest in the middle of town erupted as contending masses of people gathered. Those for and against the theme of protest quickly began engaging in a war of words as extremists on one side of the conflict began readying their home-made explosives for combat. Extremists from the other side also began loading their automatic rifles with ammunition and let out a loud and terrifying battle call. The air grew thicker with tension as women and children from both camps retreated to the rear of their respective groups in anticipation of an all-out war between the dueling partisans.

But in the final seconds just before the first explosives were thrown and the first shots were fired, a monk in a red robe suddenly appeared standing on the frontline right between the two groups. The monk sat down on the hot pavement, closed his eyes and fell into a deep meditation. Then, to everyone’s total surprise, the monk began to levitate before all gathered. After floating five feet above the ground for at least three minutes the monk then opened his eyes and said the following:

             “I believe miracles are a part of our daily existence. In fact, I predict that one will happen today and you will all bare witnesses to it!”

            In response to the levitating monk, the extremists on both sides quickly disarmed their explosives and guns and then locked arms as they formed a circle of peace around the mysterious teacher. On that fateful day, it has been said that the greatest miracle occurred.

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