Mindful Musings: Jan 5

“Divine Flashes”

By: Forrest Rivers

red and blue illustration

Divine flashes as to how it all is

Permeates one’s soul

Like a soothing mountain stream

But unbeknown

To the seeker of truth

is an absolute necessity

To transcend seeing the world

In all of its dualities


The noble aspirant will find:

Their mind is like a carousel

Spinning round and round

Without a conscious thought

Or right intention….

The path to inner wisdom

Say the sages,

Crosses both the falsehoods

And realizations

That delivers one beyond the wheel

Of birth and death

Go beyond birth and death

And push past the illusion

That you are this body

And nothing more….

For just as the hallowed rivers

Empty into and become the ocean

So, will your soul empty into and become

The deathless self


We all become the deathless self!

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