Mindful Musings

“The Master and his Student”

A disciple approached his master and asked:
“Venerable One, what is Emptiness?”
The master smiled warmly and pointed his finger
At jagged snow capped peaks off in the distance
The disciple bowed and began walking
In the direction of the glorious mountains
Then suddenly, he froze in terror as a mighty cougar
Crossed his path
The disciple shot a frightful look at his master
Who now calmly stood, pointing his finger at the wild being
After a few tense moments, the cougar slowly walked away
And the master lowered his finger
Bewildered, the disciple inquired of the sage once more:
“But I thought you said the mountains were emptiness?
How can the cougar be it, too?”
The master smiled and again pointed his finger
But this time at his disciple’s feet
The disciple looked down, and then back up
Only to see the same cougar cross his path again.
He turned in horror and ran as fast as his feet would carry him!
When the cougar was finally out of sight, the disciple stopped to catch his breath
And attained instant enlightenment!

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