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“Be Love and Be Free”
Beyond this veil of separation is an eternal truth that we are all one. For all the isms that divide, are nothing more than illusions that blind our souls from the infinite web of being. If you doubt that we are all one, take a stroll through majestic green forests or have your breath swept away atop sacred Blue Mountains that command your soul to follow the way into a conscious stream of pure awareness.
Tune your inner voice to the vastness of that space within the depths of your prayers and meditations. Come to know, that in the end, it makes little difference to whom you pray to or meditate upon. For Christ, Buddha, Ram, Shiva, Mohammad and the Great Mystery; are all just names for enlightened states of awareness that take us beyond the folds of separation and into the timeless flow of NOW.
All our talk about finding world peace is just talk—-if we don’t find inner peace within ourselves first. Once we feel this inner peace within, we will find it outside as well. Now is the time, then, for each of us to rise above our petty conflicts of ego and embrace in full our common humanity. Only then, may we assume our humble place in the cosmos as a unified collective of spiritual beings. Now is also the time, to cease our careless disregard for the Earth and honor our Mother as that omnipresent source of beauty and divine wisdom. For all good things in this world are not possible without the guidance and sustenance provided by She.
Finally, now is the time to look within and see that you contain the entire universe within you and that you are a reflection of its inborn seeds of illuminated light and peace. Now is the time to BE LOVE AND BE FREE.

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